26 January 2011

Step by Step Create Awesome Logo

Many people on my own forum, especially kaskus ask me "how create step by step a logo". I mind they never using their freak design tutor's, my own too it is i called them "Mbah google" (Indonesian: my google grandfather).LOL

I was search many website give many free tutorial step by step to create some logo. may bye if i lead them to my own blog they has find what their looking for.

Gary Simon dot net

This is one of my recommended. Have screen shoot make easy to learning some tutorial if have a picture on the tutorial. Easy, clean, simple but still clear. This very recommended for beginner. Enjoyed!

n.design studio

Second recommended from me it is N.Desgin. Not just have screen shoot, have video and source of tutorial. This is very recommended for how try the other model and have experience.

apologize about the link, just wanna be have a dollar. I hope, Don't be afraid and still enjoyed!