12 January 2011

Applying AutoCAD 2010

Terry Wohlers, "Applying AutoCAD 2010"
Publisher: Hill Science/Engineering/Math | 2009 | ISBN: 0073375446 | File type: PDF | 800 pages | 13.4 mb

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Applying AutoCAD 2010 has been updated to accompany the new version of the AutoCAD software, which includes some useful features for both 3D modeling and 2D documentation. Some of these features include:
3D Mesh Modeling - A 3D mesh is a new type of object that can be reshaped by pushing or pulling on its surface. The object can be converted to a 3D solid.
2D Parametric Design - Geometric constraints between 2D objects are now available, which means it is possible to force lines to be parallel or perpendicular to one another. Dimensional constraints allow control of a dimension based on a rule or a formula.
In addition, the text reflects changes to the user interface, which has been redesigned to make some of the options more interactive and context-sensitive.
The book retains its easy to follow step-by-step format.

Basics Animation: Scriptwriting

Paul Wells, "Basics Animation: Scriptwriting"
AVA Publishing | 2007 | ISBN: 2940373167 | 176 pages | File type: PDF | 64,2 mb

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The Lion King. Spirited Away. Wallace and Gromit. Toy Story 2. What makes these animated movies great? The stories they tell, and the ways those stories are told. Animation can go where no other filmmaking can, and great scriptwriting can take animation where no other movies have. Basics Animation: Scriptwriting, the follow-up to the successful title The Fundamentals of Animation, looks at a variety of approaches to scriptwriting for animation using vivid examples from great animated movies. Author Paul Wells explores the distinctive qualities of animation as a form of creative expression and explains the choices and approaches available to the scriptwriter, the animator, and the director.