24 January 2011

Experience is very wise teacher

Teng Xiaoping is Taiwanese men, he a is rich man but have no enough English proficiency. He is very interested to go to US country. In the USA embassy, the officer asked him a few interview questions to find out his mean visit to the USA.

The first officer questions for a immigrations:
Officer: "What is last name of our first presidents?"

Cause he didn't know how to have a good English. He has a mind the officer asked who is his surnames. He's answered:

Immigrations: "Wa Sing Teng."

In Hokkien mean is my surname Wa Sing Teng, In Chinese culture, a men on the first meet he always introduce his identity by family name.
The officer heard he's say "Washington", then he continued to ask again.

The second question is: "Why would you want to go to the U.S.?"

In Xiaoping mind, the officer ask who is he name? then he answered : "Xiaoping"
The officer heard "Shopping"

Third officer questions is :
"What vehicle do you drive in Taiwan?"

His mind the officer asked his marriage status? Hes answered "Wa bo bo" in Hokkien "I am have no married yet".

And the officers heard: "Volvo!" and he smiled kindly and asked again.

Forth question: "Who is a famous basketball player in the USA?"

Currently, Taiwanese man was getting impatient and started saying
aloud: "Ho Wa Mai Cai Tan." (meaning: "Do not let me waiting ").

The officer heard: "Michael Jordan!"

Impressed by the knowledge of the tourist, the officer passed the USA tourist visa.

Would you want to try this way?