19 November 2010

Tips on Choosing Website Designers

Before you generalize all the web designers as simply designers, you need to know that there are many genres of website designers. A website is composed of several parts - the layout, the pictures and graphics, links, content, site maps and underlying programming to make the website work properly.
A website designer will take care of the above- mentioned areas. The programming will be done by a programmer. He/she will act as a bridge between technology and the end-user interface. A graphic designer on the other hand will design logos, dynamic animations, dynamic elements of the websites, colours schemes, themes, etc.
Another kind of designer is a SEO consultant. He/she is not exactly a designer, but knows the pulse of search what will make the website tick in the eyes of the search engines and the users. A SEO consultant will know exactly how to place the contents and balance them so that they make a good combination. So while searching for a cheap web designer, you need to look for all these qualities.
It is very difficult for one person to be everything. However, in most cases you will find that the same designer is a programmer and also a graphics person. This means you just need a SEO consultant, which you can easily find if you go in for search engine optimisation of your website.
To choose the right designer, there are certain qualities you need to look for and how they go about doing their work.
A good designer needs to be original. The previous works must speak of originality. No copied content should form part of the designer's work. Ask for their portfolio and testimonials from previous clients. Nobody can vouch better than a satisfied customer can.
A good designer should listen intently to what you say. He/she should understand what your business is all about and what exactly you need to project. The designer should be able to come up with at least three or four different designs in the same lines with no extra charge for showing these samples.
The designer should design the website in such a way that an independent manager can easily manage the website without the help of the original designer. The original editable files should be handed over to you.
Each page designed should have something informative and valuable to offer to the user. Along with this, the content and designing should be both user and search engine and SEO friendly. This will help in pushing your website rank up.
Finally, the designer should hand over all the rights to you. You cannot be possibly stuck in legal issues when you already have so many other issues to look into.
Cheap website designers are many in numbers. Choose the person who is in accord with your ideas.
For more information on cheap website design, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the cheap web site designers!

Promote a Business Through 3D Animation Design

There are plenty of opportunities and creativity found in the field of 3D animation. It is most challenging field for a creator. Today's competitive environment forces us to use latest technology in the field and 3D animation is one of them.

Use of 3D animation design has several advantages. The first and foremost is the retention of your visitors. 3D animation holds the visitor for a long period on your website. Thus, it can be easily converted into the prospective customer. 3D animation leaves a long lasting impression over the minds of your website users. In compare to flat 2D images 3D images are more memorable. It is fact that you have an extra edge when you use cartoon animation or character animation in your advertising campaign.

3D rendering and animatronics technique is quite useful in so many areas and some of them are as follows.

  • 3D Modeling Animation
  • 3D Graphics Animation
  • 3D Design Animation
  • 3D Animation Rendering
  • Architectural 3D Animation and Rendering Design
  • 3D - Animation Movies
  • 3D Animation Presentations
  • 3D Animation Images
3D animated design is perfect presentation of your services or products. When you use 3D modeling or 3D animation design in your modeling of a car or a house it becomes the perfect presentation for your products or services. You can animate a product using 3D rotating or 3D walkthrough and you will have full control over the product display. You can show its all facets or aspects.

You can simplify any hard concept with the help of 3D animatronics or 3D modeling. You can easily do the things with 3D images which is quite difficult to do verbally. Architectural design in 3D or character animation is the intricate idea of simplifying the things using visual cues.

It is not easy thing to find a good 3D animator. You have to search it in outsourcing companies because they have such talent available for affordable rates. You can hunt especially for the companies that offer their services for hire an animator. These companies are working in competition so their rates are reasonable and they are reliable too. They use latest software for 3D animatronics design and 3D modeling. They have good infrastructural facilities including latest rendering instruments.

Learning How to Set Up a Free Website So Simply

There are all these free tools to set up a website. For example, WordPress provides great free hosting services, free website domain names - which will all last for years where you don't have to pay a penny. This is what you need to do: Go to WordPress.com and sign up there for a free account. Once you have done this, you need to know what market you're going to target. Once you have this in your mind, you can move on to building your new website.

Setting up your website takes nothing at all. Just select your niche. With your computer and an internet connection, the rest is straight forward. Just write some unique content and upload it. Remember put "tags" in each post. This will help you get found in the search results by the search engines! A few tips on how to get found by the search engines:

In your post title, have the keyword in the first four words. This way in each new page you create the keyword will be the first four words the search engines will see. Then have your main keyword in the first sentence, once in the article, and once in the last sentence. In total, the keyword will be mentioned three times in this article.

You want to add as much unique content to this website as you possibly can. Go to Google keyword tool and type your main keyword in there and all the results will show up. Copy all of them and each day take two keywords and write an article on them. Use only one keyword per article and then upload it to your site.

Once you write your articles, ping them out using "Ping FM." This is a free tool that can help you send all your post out to about 20 plus sites with just a click of a button! Then when you have this done this, try another free tool to book mark you site. You will a post your info. Use a tool called Onlywire.com it's a free software website, that you have to download. It will bookmark your posts to 42 different places at once and its jut by clicking one button. They are ton of free traffic methods to be used, you just have to find out how other people are driving free traffic to their sites - and do them too!