03 June 2010

Advertising As A Fundamental Brand Promotion Tool

Advertising is important and essential for any brand owner to drive sales for the product or service. Advertising provides a major contribution to brand competition in the market. Advertising not only provides information about a product or service but also promotes innovation. Besides advertising also facilitates consumer satisfaction. The hidden fact is that no brand can progress without advertising. Big and small companies, individuals of all walks of life, major and minor events, concepts etc lay their base on advertising to get recognised in the market. Government and NGOs even use advertising to raise health awareness such as Conjunctivitis, Dengue, Swine flu etc.

The objective of an advertising campaign varies from one company to another. Some companies indulge in advertising to promote their product or service or to create buzz about their product while some companies indulge in advertising activities to launch new product in the market

Today in India, Advertising is a big business for every single organization. With a uniform economic stint in the country, Indian Advertising industry has witnessed a prominent globalization. Also, with the inception of various divisions, the advertising industry has undergone a sea change. Indian consumer's deep pockets and blooming markets for ad-spends have touched new heights in India. Advertising India companies are creating stories and brand experiences in a way that engages and involves the target audiences with a mass appeal.

The history of advertising India is traced back to the early 20th Century when the first advertising agency- B. Datram and Company was established in 1905. Since then, Advertising is the most common tool widely used by advertisers and brand owners. Amongst the various means of advertising, outdoor or OOH advertising is the oldest and yet the most effective tool for brand promotion. Also known as out of home advertising, this type of brand promotion provides a flashy communication to audiences simultaneously rendering a captivating message to the TG. Outdoor advertising or OOH advertising or Out of home advertising, whichever name one calls it, offers a discreet tool for brand promotion.

OOH Advertising or Out of home advertising campaigns have to be tactfully carried out. One popular subset of outdoor advertising is Airport advertising. Considered as one of the budget friendly mediums of brand promotion, airport advertising reaches its target audience in an effective manner. Airport advertising offers low cost mode of advertising as compared to other means. Those people who are ‘on the go' tend to spend quality time at the airport and it is one reason why airport advertising is one of the most effective means. Exclusive features about airport advertising include its high-glamour look, attention-grabbing duration, high-tech etc. Airport is a place where people from all across the world arrive or depart from, hence, this mode of promotion is an ideal means for promoting a brand or service to potential buyers who are on transit mode.

Reference Website: www.tdiindia.com